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Radical Responsibility Online Course

How To Move Past Fear, Blame and Shame Into A Life Of Joy and Authentic Relationship


Radical Responsibility will help you create relationship, abundance, and unconditional confidence in your life. This course is about giving you the insight, tools and capacity to choose a better way to live - choosing to live at choice instead of letting the fear and survival-based part of your brain and your past negative conditioning destructively run the show.


Enjoy this eight module, online course from the comfort of your home or office or where ever you like to learn. Start taking a leadership position in your own life today and create limitless POSSIBILITY for yourself and others.


Seven Principles of Mindful Leadership

Do you want to actualize your highest purpose as a human being and leader?


In Seven Principles of Mindful Leadership you will have the opportunity to do just that and fully develop your leadership skills and capacities under the guidance of a renowned master coach and trainer, who not only teaches leadership but actually models transformative leadership as an innovative pioneer in multiple fields.


Fleet will guide you through seven carefully constructed modules designed to launch you on a self-sustaining path of lifelong learning, transformation and personal evolution: Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Integrity & Ethics, Radical Responsibility & Empowerment, Innovation, and The Spirit of Mastery.

Fleet’s mission is to uplift lives and help people transform challenges and suffering into opportunities for positive change.


Fleet Maull, PhD

Master Trainer, Author, Consultant, Executive Coach

Steeped in the psychology of self-actualization, Fleet Maull is a modern dharma teacher willing to leverage current science in order to lead people to self-actualization.

Fleet Maull, PhD, CMT-P, is the founder and CEO of Windhorse Seminars & Consulting and also a senior partner and principal in New Line Consulting. He is an IMTA certified professional mindfulness teacher and an Acharya (senior meditation teacher) in the Tibetan tradition and Roshi (Zen master) in the international Zen Peacemaker Community.


While serving 14 years in a federal prison on drug charges (1985 - 1999), Fleet co-founded the first inside-prison hospice program anywhere in the world and launched two national movements, the prison hospice movement through the National Prison Hospice Association and the prison Dharma/mindfulness movement through the Prison Dharma Network and Prison Mindfulness Institute. Today, there are over seventy-five prison hospice programs in the U.S. and several hundred prison Dharma and prison mindfulness projects and programs. 


Fleet has written many articles and has given numerous interviews on a variety of mindfulness and leadership related topics in Inc Magazine, Lion’s Roar, Tricycle, Tikkun, and Turning Wheel. He is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and Forbes Magazine and made guest appearances on NPR’s Fresh Air program and the national syndicated E-Town.


He is the author of Dharma In Hell, the Prison Writings of Fleet Maull, and the forthcoming (Sounds True, spring 2019) Radical Responsibility: How to Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live Your Highest Purpose and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good. Fleet leads prison programs, meditation retreats, chaplaincy and hospice trainings, leadership trainings, bearing witness retreats and and transformational seminars throughout the world.

Fleet Maull is as authentic as they come, and the ideas he shares are truly empowering.

Janet Swartz

Los Angeles, CA

“After training with Fleet, my life is easier, more fun and I have more clarity and I now get the things I want most out of my relationships, my life purpose, and my heart.”​

Liz Carey

Founder / The Real Work & Awakened Life School of Yoga

“Fleet's trainings have taken away my excuses. That one question, “Am I living above or below the line?” keeps me from pointing the finger anywhere but at myself.”

Susan Phenix

Providence, RI

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